Hello World

Hello World

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Hello, Welcome to my new blog! My interest in coding began when a friend referred me to Codecademy. I've always been keen to learn new things so I spent one Saturday evening doing an intro to HTML and CSS and I was hooked. Since then I've done a web development course and this website is the result of what I have learned. I have created an express app using node.js and used mongo DB to store data. I have also been learning Vue.js. 
The more I learn the more I want to pursue a career in this area. I've been working on marketing for over four years and I am ready for a change! This is why I began interning with Adam over at YouI Design to get some experience building websites for clients. You can find my first bits of work over on the homepage - have a look to see what I've been working on.  
My blog posts will mainly consist of what I am learning on this journey so stay tuned!

Saloni Robinson

Self-taught full stack web developer

Web development began as a hobby when I wanted to learn a new skill but the more I learnt the more I wanted to do this as a career.

I've completed a web developer bootcamp and you can currently find me working part-time at YouI Design.